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Webbed Feet is an alternative radio platform that explores the interconnectedness of Montreal's music scene in order to support local artists, venues, organizations, and their shared communities.

Each episode of Webbed Feet focuses on a different musician connected to Montreal. By weaving together interviews, music, and narration, we present their works and stories within the context of a larger web of peers, collaborators, and inspirations; details that are often detached from music discovery and listening experiences. We then draw connections between these networks of artists—webs potentially stretching across multiple episodes—and showcase them on our website, https://webbedfeetradio.com.

The goal of this project is to provide a more meaningful music discovery experience than what is available on streaming platforms. Through research, curation, and a focus that is (mostly) on Montreal, Webbed Feet aims to provide a space for discovery where users can guide their own music exploration and learn more about local music scenes in engaging and unpredictable ways.

Influenced by Montreal’s unique intersection of music, art, digital media, and technology, Webbed Feet integrates new technologies and forms of expression while upholding radio’s long-standing connection to local communities.

The full archive of Webbed Feet episodes and bonus content is available on this site. Follow us on Instagram @webbed.feet for updates.

Webbed Feet is produced and co-founded by Rafa Aslan and Ciaran Dougherty.

This website was designed by Milo Reinhardt and Teo Zamudio of World Creation Network and implemented by Anthony Daher. Additional engineering by Uneku Idumajogu. Original design work by Jesse Katabarwa.

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This project is a production of Yellow Pad Sessions, a Montreal-based, non-profit organization.

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